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Vampires à LDF

  Vampires à LDF !

Voici les nouveaux vampires du 21ème siècle!
Inspirés des divers textes littéraires gothiques: du "Dracula" de Bram Stoker en passant par l'univers gothique de Tim Burton ("Vincent", "Robot boy") et autres séries et films plus proches du grand public (la série "Dracula" produite et réalisée par Jonathan Rhys Meyer)...
Les élèves de classe européenne de première S1, S2, STI2D et ES, vous offrent leurs versions personnelles illustrées d'une histoire de vampire moderne
Suspense, frissons et mystère sont au rendez-vous! Bonne lecture à tous!


BOBIN Vincent

HARDY Marina


One night, in New York, on Broadway Boulevard Tiffany was going back home after a hard day's work. Suddenly, she was isolated by a strong man pointing a knife at her. He took her to a dark secluded alley. He wanted to steal her handbag, her jewels and all the precious things she had. But he accidently cut her on her shoulder . She started bleeding. A strange noise was heard. A dressy man was facing her. He looked tall, mysterious and powerful. He was holding an iron bar covered by blood while the bad guy was laying on the floor, knocked out. His eyes were deep blue. He approached her - she started being frightened – then he grabbed her neck. Although she tried to escape from him he managed to drink a little of her blood – His eyes changed into red – the he took the time to thank her.... then disappeared by magic.



I remember . It happened that night .I was wearing a long black dress , decorated with red lace.The wind was blowing on my face , in swepping my black hair. I was standing behind my window , observing  the dark city Streets, when suddenly , I saw a shadow. So , I left my window to see this figure closer . When I saw it, on the bottom of the black street, I overview a pretty woman , blond hairs , and her Young pale skin ..I had only one desire : feel her pure and fresh blood . But in hearing my footsteps , this one startled , and in seeing me relieved , put her hand on her heart. I looked at her, without saying a word , with my big eyes shining out of pleasure. I smiled at her , to show her my long and smooth fangs. This time , she was really afraid , and screamed out , her shout reverberating across the street. She ran along the sidewalk , as fast as she could. Whereas , I swung my body with a natural power. Her fear increased , at the same time of my hunger became strong and stronger, and, eager to have fun, I decided to catch her. I pinned her against a wall , and thurst my canines , into her neck. I touched her blood with my fingers , with the infinite desire to taste it. Slowly, I opened my mouth , my teeth sank into the soft flesh of her neck: Mmmmmmmhhh, what a delight!!!

MOUAZAN Mallaury


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